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June 2012: DI for Gattu was undertaken at Filmlab’s digital post suites in Mumbai. The motion picture, which received a “Special Mention Award” at the prestigious 2012 Berlin International Film Festival in Germany, will open in India on 20 July 2012. Gattu has also received the “Audience Award for Best Feature” and “Honorable Mention Award of the International Jury” at this month’s Los Angeles Indian Film Festival.

The movie’s director, Rajan Khosa, chose Filmlab for the DI because of the company’s reputation for high standards and commitment to customer satisfaction. Khosa worked very much hands-on with Filmlab’s technicians and colourists. The movie was graded on Film Master and recorded on Cinevator.

“Filmlab has been a great support all through post production and we are proud of the DI team and their contribution to the success of Gattu,” said Rajan Khosa.

Made on a tight budget, the movie was shot on a Canon EOS 5D in and around the streets of Roorkee in the Himalayan foothills and includes aerial scenes taken from a paraglider. The lead character, Gattu, is played by newcomer Mohammad Samad, who was given the role after attending a local workshop held by the production team.

Gattu is set in a small town in central India where everyone is obsessed with kite-flying. The airspace is dominated by a black kite called Kali whose origin is a mystery. A street kid, Gattu, dreams of defeating Kali. He discovers that the local school has a rooftop that will give him the best vantage point. Posing as a student, he sneaks into the school and pretends to study – the only problem being that he is completely illiterate.

Gattu will be screened at various upcoming festivals in China and Europe as well as at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. Production for the movie is by the Children’s Film Society of India (CFSI) and screenplay is by K D Satyam, Ankur Tewari, Dilip Shukla and Rajan Khosa. Cast members include Naresh Kumar and Jayanta Das.

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