Second Cinevator Film Recorder Purchase for Filmlab

January 2012: Filmlab is widening its customer base by tapping into international demand for cost-effective, fast turn-around direct-to-print film services. Having experienced an increase in the volume of film processing work passing through its Mumbai-based laboratory, the company is setting out plans to offer the same services to production companies and moviemakers further afield by offering high quality film processing services at a very competitive price point. As part of this initiative, Filmlab is also announcing the purchase of a second Cinevator film recorder.

Despite seeing a growth in demand for its digital post and DI services, Filmlab, one of the most experienced and largest film processing companies in India, continues to see a strong demand for high quality film processing and in particular, for direct-to-print services.

Many cinemas still require film, and the majority of film festivals stipulate 35 mm as the preferred medium for viewings,” said Sanjay Patel, managing director, Filmlab. “Our reputation for high quality output and uncompromising attention to detail coupled with our inherently competitive rates, have already made us the partner of choice for a select number of international distribution companies, and for new talent needing just one or two prints for film festival submissions.  Our purchase of a second Cinevator will help us to expand our reach into the global market.”

Filmlab will promote its branded ‘Cinevantage’ range of services to international markets, offering around-the-clock film printing using its existing Cinevator film recorder and the new system which will be installed in its Mumbai head office in February 2012. Cinevator eliminates the need for intermediate stock or sound negatives and avoids many of the lengthy and costly processes normally required to make film prints. Instead, it uses film data to output direct to film, enabling customers to turn digital masters into 35 mm positive print film, including subtitles and sound, in a single, low-cost, high-speed process. Cinevator uses precision accuracy and produces first generation prints, providing customers with superior quality output. Filmlab simply takes the movie files, any required subtitle translations, and the timecode in .txt format, and produces the 35 mm print in real-time. The service is suitable for established moviemakers seeking a competitive edge in fast turnaround environments, and for new cinematographers seeking a low-cost method of making single film prints for viewing at film festival or local theatres.

Filmlab recently employed its Cinevantage services to provide the film print for Adaminte Makan Abu (Abu, Son of Adam), India’s official entry for the upcoming 84th Academy Awards in Los Angeles. Written, directed and co-produced by Salim Ahamed, the movie was made in the Malayalam language by award-winning director of photography, Madhu Ambat. Filmlab also added subtitles in English as required for the Awards’ pre-screening procedure, making use of Cinevator’s one-step subtitling and printing process.

Also as part of its drive into the international market, Filmlab will be promoting its strict adherence to QC monitoring and security. This includes a regular alignment survey as stipulated by Deluxe Laboratories in Los Angeles, compliance with international standards for chemical, water treatment and re-cycling processes, and the prevention of illegal copying of release prints through its use of shrink-wrapping, barcode tracking and Deluxe’s proprietary Forensic Coding Technology.

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