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Cinevantage Direct-to-Print

Our unique ‘Cinevantage’ direct-to-print services are based on the Cinevator film recorder. This advanced system provides direct-to-print film output enabling our customers to make huge savings compared with traditional print processes. Cinevantage provides real-time recording and outputs direct-to-print from 2K resolution log .dpx image files, .wav, Dolby MOD and DTS/Datasat audio formats simultaneously. This eliminates the need for intermediate stock, sound negative and additional processing. Time is saved and costs are minimised.

Cinevantage Applications include:

DIGITAL ACQUISITION: Cinevantage is a boon for movie makers who shoot on HD or other digital formats as it enables them to make multiple 2K film prints including audio directly from data in realtime - making instant cost savings.

FILM FESTIVALS: Film makers wishing to take part in film festivals may need to transfer their work onto film as a prerequisite of festival rules. For most emerging talent and young creatives, this has major financial implications if their work is shot using a non-film format. The easy, cost-effective solution is to use  Cinevantage to transfer their work direct to film. In this way, new talent is able to address the international film without incurring financial burden.

SUBTITLING: Our Cinevantage services enable us to add subtitles to films in real-time allowing customers to address the international market in the most cost-effective way. Simply give us your digital files along with the timecode and translations in .txt format and we will add the subtitles in real-time. This new way of adding subtitles gives customers huge cost savings compared with traditional processes.

CENSOR PRINTS: Here again, the advantages of our Cinevantage services enable customers to cut costs by providing a quick, cost-effective method of producing first prints for censor purposes.


  • Texas Instruments DLP light modulator
  • proprietary LED-based light source providing extreme colour and brightness stability, and longevity
  • proprietary ultra-high resolution optical lens providing precision scaling for optimum image quality for all formats
  • high performance PIN-registered movement
  • linear RGB 3 x 16 bit data path
  • Linux operating system