At Filmlab, we make customer satisfaction our top priority. By applying meticulous attention to every part of every job, we guarantee that all our services are performed to the highest quality. We are proud of our teams of technicians and specialists, and we make use of the most advanced technology on the market for all the services we offer. You can be sure that by choosing Filmlab, you will not find a more dedicated partner.

Film Processing & Subtitling

We use state-of-the-art high speed, bi-directional, continuous contact 35 mm and 16 mm film processing machines that are regularly calibrated to comply with international standards and procedures. Chemicals and reagents used in our processes are Laboratory Grade and sourced from reputable international brands. In addition, they are subjected stringent quality checks prior to use. Our highly skilled laboratory technicians check all film negative in the confines of our clean and dust-free labs, and apply 100% diligence throughout each task as a matter of principle and pride in their work.

Film processing services include:

  • continuous contact printing for rush prints
  • wetgate contact printing for answer prints from original negative 35mm or A & B rolls
  • duplication - interpos, interdupe – provided on wetgate contact printers
  • high speed bi-directional continuous contact printing on BHP printers for multiple copy release printing of features, commercials or trailers, including overlay subtitles where required
  • push/pull processing
  • bleach bypass processing
  • Dolby SR, Digital SR-D and DTS/Datasat audio tracks
  • dailies
  • one-light or graded
  • graded answer print
  • release print from original or dupe negative
  • colour intermediates (interpositive, interdupe, internegative from positive print)
  • black and white film processing including sound negative and high contract processing


For multiple language releases, we provide Overlay Subtitle Printing in which a subtitle negative is used with the picture negative during printing. We prepare the title overlay negative of subtitles in the required language.  Subtitled copies are printed from overlay negatives. This process is less expensive and less time-consuming than subtitling prints individually.