At Filmlab, we make customer satisfaction our top priority. By applying meticulous attention to every part of every job, we guarantee that all our services are performed to the highest quality. We are proud of our teams of technicians and specialists, and we make use of the most advanced technology on the market for all the services we offer. You can be sure that by choosing Filmlab, you will not find a more dedicated partner.

Quality Control

High quality, consistency and professionalism are key factors to the way we operate, particularly in our Quality Control procedures.

For our digital work, we use state-of-the-art technology to quality check output. As with all our work, we are proud of the high standards that we achieve.

Quality Control 1 For film, we use high-speed projectors and have the capacity to deliver 130 quality-controlled copies every day - making us one of the largest, high-quality processing facilities in India.

Our professional calibration tools ensure total stability and evenness so that we can guarantee consistency for every print. Our online projectors are fitted inline to the processing machines, making sure that every foot of film processed is screened. Check prints are projected playing any sound format including SR, SR-D or DTS. Process chemicals are analysed in our in-house laboratory by a team of chemists before use, and are monitored online and on a 6-hourly basis. Filmlab also participates in the Deluxe Laboratory Quality Control process control system.