At Filmlab, we make customer satisfaction our top priority. By applying meticulous attention to every part of every job, we guarantee that all our services are performed to the highest quality. We are proud of our teams of technicians and specialists, and we make use of the most advanced technology on the market for all the services we offer. You can be sure that by choosing Filmlab, you will not find a more dedicated partner.

Piracy Control

We are committed to the prevention of illegal copying of release prints from our laboratory. Every reel is shrink-wrapped prior to shipment and we use a bar coding system for tracking purposes.

In association with our relationship with Deluxe Laboratories USA, we have invested in Deluxe's proprietary Forensic Coding Technology (FCT). This is applied to film prints, trailers and other film-based elements. If images are pirated and released on the web or copied to disc, Deluxe can decrypt and identify the original location of the pirated print.